The Devil’s Grin

Formerly a hunting lodge, this shady establishment was purchased by a wayward Scotsman by the name of Eric “The Wolf” Bacon who would eventually transform it into a haven for ne’er-do-wells and folks looking have a good time while staying off the radar of the local authorities.


Blaylock’s Ironworks

Nestled on a barren path of land just beyond the business district, this imposing structure turns out works of art made from the expert hands of a surly Texan named Samuel Houston Blaylock.


The Crimson River Cafe

Located next to the river from which it gets its name, the largest restaurant in town is where both locals and tourists go to eat and hang out.


Hot Wheels

A retro 50’s style dinner in the center of the business district. It’s run by Sadie Clatton who lives in the adjoining apartment.


The Blarney Stone

The most popular bar in town, fashioning itself after an Irish Pub. The cocktail menu is limited and generic and best, but they do have quite a selection of whiskey. The bar is also not a stranger to the occasional fight.


Mama Fu’s

The mountains are not normally a place where one goes to get Chinese food, but most visitors to Garfield’s Crossing are pleasantly surprised to find this gem of an establishment.


Jenny’s Crab Shack

A seafood spot located near Mama Fu’s that despite it’s name seldom seems to actually have crabs. If anything this place is known more for its entertainment than its food. Local bluesman, Moses Jones, has played on a small stage for years.